¿Quieres mejorar tu señal 3G ?

28 ene 2013

Are you disappointed with the performance of your 3G mobile phone at home?

Are you one of the many unfortunates, for whom, as soon as they get through the front door of their home, find that their 3G signal seems to just dissipate into thin air?

If you are, we expect you’ve already tried all the usual quick fixes?

  • Rushing upstairs in the vain hope of finding a stronger signal.
  • Standing beside the window where you just about get a signal.
  • Going outside into the garden to find signal.

This is hardly an acceptable solution, right? What you really need to do to improve your 3g signal and obtain a healthy 3G signal is to install a Stelladoradus 3G Repeater.

How to improve your 3g signal with a Stelladoradus 3G Repeater..

A Stelladoradus 3G Repeater can take a low 1 bar 3G signal and boost it up to full strength providing a strong signal that will give you what you are looking for – a fast internet service capable of downloading movies etc straight to your mobile and great call quality.
Wireless 3G for Ease of Use Anywhere Within Your Home.
The Stelladoradus 3G Repeater provides a full powered, convenient to use wireless signal anywhere in your home for your mobile or laptop. Capable of covering an area of up to 2,000 square meters, using a 3db splitter and 2 indoor aerials, our standard SD-RP1000-W repeater is supplied complete with:

  • External antenna for mounting on the roof of your home
  • Internal 3G repeater/amplifier 
  • Power supply
  • Interior antenna
  • 15 meters of co-axial cable

Pointing the external antenna in the right direction to pick up the strongest 3G signal is made nice and easy by the array of red LEDs. Turn the antenna until the maximum number of LEDs light up. This indicates the strongest signal is being received, so then simply fix in place.

Small Space Coverage for Big Cost Value

If you only need to boost your 3G signal within a small area of 100 square meters or less, we have the perfect economy 3G repeater/amplifier just for you – the Stella1Room

lowpower kit1

The Stella Desktop uses an external panel antenna to receive the signal. Simply use your mobile to find a spot outside where you get a good signal, (3 bars will do), fix the antenna in place and run the cable back inside the house and connect to the repeater. You’ll get a great wireless signal anywhere and improve your 3g signal within a 100 square meters – job done!

If you’ve got a good strength 3G signal outdoors, Stelladoradus have the best products to empower you to bring it inside, wherever you need it!

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